Inspiration :: Doing a Personal Favor

Wedding or party favors can often be overlooked, but they can easily add something personal to your soiree.  Whether it's extravagant or simple, personal & reflective of the couple's personality is key.  Below are some of my favorite shots of favors.  As you can see, they can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, & colors.  Favors can be anything from eatable, smokable, knick-knacks... again, the possibilities are endless.domeafavor

{left to right - row 1: Bonnie Tsang Photography, Keiko Niwa Photography; row 2: Tinywater Photography, Ryan Phillips Photography; row 3: Duke Photography, Twin Lens}

domeafavor2{left to right - row 1: Jennifer Skog PhotographyJessica Claire; row 2: Studio EMP, Sarah Rhoades Photography; row 3: Angela Anderson Photography, Jasmine Star}