Inspiration :: Music

To some people, the music at an event is not very high on their list of priorities; to others, however, it can make or break it.  Is music the life of your party?  Like every detail of your wedding or event, it has an integral part of the overall feeling you want to portray.  It speaks volumes of your personality as an individual, and even as a couple. How do you see yourself walking down the aisle during the processional?  Will you go with something classic, like Canon in D Minor or the Wedding March?  Or will you do something different (like boogie down the aisle) with a song like Chris Brown's Forever?  (I know you have seen the video!)

DJ or band?  Boombox or instruments?  Guitar, piano, harp, drums, cello, violin, etc... I know it's hard to decide, and this detail is something you really don't want to add to your plate, but it must be done!

{left to right - row 1: Jonathan Canlas Photography, Justin Lee Photography, Lisa Lefkowitz; row 2: Bonnie Tsang, Meg Perotti; row 3: Stephanie Williams Photography}