Inspiration :: Forehead Kiss

I am soooo lucky.  I get to spend my days looking at flowers, pretty paper, bridal magazines & blogs, AND wedding photos!  I couldn't ask for anything else (almost!).  As I sifted through thousands of photos (seriously), I noticed that I always took a moment to stare at the ones that involved the forehead kiss.  There is something about that kiss that brings a smile to my face... I think it's because there's something so innocent about this kiss that displays the most amount of affection (at least, to me) with the least expectation for reciprocation.  You know... the one doing the forehead kissing is in no way looking to necessarily get a kiss back in return in that exact moment.  That's something sweet, if you ask me. Or maybe I just over-analyze the pictures. {left to right - row 1: Next Exit Photography; row 2: Braedon Photography, Alec Vanderbloom Photography; row 3: Trever Hoehne, Tinywater Photography; row 4: Brian Khang Photography; row 5: Sweet Tea Photography by Lisa Marie, One Love Photography}