Inspiration :: Unveiled Brides

The majority of people think of brides when they hear the word veil.  Can you blame them?  Veils can't help but be associated with brides, since when else does someone wear one?  Whether it's a traditional cascading veil, sassy birdcage veil, or even a mantilla (love them!), it's an accessory that adds something traditional and elegant to the bride & her look.  I thought I would take the time to showcase some unveiled brides, who look just as stunning without the veil.  White or colorful, real flowers or those out of fabric, with bling or with feathers, a single bloom or an arrangement of them, the possibilities are endless... {left to right - row 1: Travis Hoehne Photography, Aaron Shintaku; row 2: En Pointe Photography, Amelia Lyon Photography; row 3: Stephanie Williams Photography, Alders Photography}