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I decided to steer away from a bag full of candy for Joel's class's Valentine's Day celebration (whew!! Three possessive words in a row).  Joel decided he wanted to package these cookies with a sticker, versus having to print on cardstock, fold, & staple to the top of the bag.  This project is super easy (it's kind of silly that I'm even sharing it), and I seriously made the stickers in less than five minutes {so pardon the simplicity of the design}.


The items I used were:

  • cellophane bags approximately 4 inches in diameter
  • white paper doilies a little less than 4 inches wide
  • a red Sharpie {but any color marker/pen will do}
  • sticker label sheets {from any office supply store}
  • handy design that says "enjoy" {download here, if you'd like}
  • circle puncher {2.5-inch diameter}
  • cookies

First, handwrite "Happy Valentine's Day" on the white doilies.  Feel free to stamp them with your favorite saying, or your monogram.  Then, print out the "enjoy stickers" on the sticker label sheets.  Punch the stickers out by facing the top side of the sticker sheet down, so you can line up the circles just right.  {I made the circles on the stickers around 2 inches in diameter, so there would be a white border around the stickers, but you are free to design it however you'd like.}

After your stickers & doilies are ready to go, insert the doilies into the cellophane bags.  Next, insert two cookies in the bag behind the doily {where your message can be seen on the outside of the bag}.

Fold over the top of the cellophane bag & affix the sticker.

Voila!  You are done!  You can use this project for more than just Valentine's Day.  In fact, you can use it for your next social gathering, baby/bridal shower, and even your wedding.

P.S. Enjoy!