Jomygoodness features Leah Lee Photography

I have a new friend.  Her name is Leah... that's the photographer of Leah Lee Photography, and I had the pleasure of working with her back in September.  Aside from being an uber talented photographer, she is super sweet & is one of those ladies you can easily just hang out with.  Being able to see her in action, I must admit how impressed I was with her tenacity to get the perfect shot.  I recall being overwhelmed with excitement to see the final shots.  I was seriously dying to see them... Check out her work!How would you describe your style?  Personally & professionally as a photographer? My personal style expresses my love of beauty and color, I use my creativity to accessorize my life.  My professional style--I shoot with a sense of wonder.  I am inspired by people and how they celebrate every detail of their life.  I use my lens  to capture how people live their life. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Growing up I always saw myself doing some form of art.  But in college I wanted to save the earth and tried to be an environmental scientist.  That lasted a semester and I ran back to the art building.

What is your background?  How did you get started in photography?  What motivated you to take the plunge & do this for a living? My parents always had me involved in some form of art class growing up.  I got my first camera in high school and in college realized that my photography skills were superior to my painting skills.  I was motivated to turn my skill into a living because I wanted to be creative and work on my terms.

What inspires you? People and how they live their lives inspires me.  Traveling is a crucial part of my life and vision.  Its important for me to see and celebrate how people all over the world live.  It opens up my mind and sparks my creativity.

Where do you get your inspiration? I get my inspiration from traveling and meeting new people.  I try to surround myself with people who are motivated and ambitious and doing good things.  Peoples perspectives are inspiring.

What do you love most about your job? I love that my job allows me the flexibility to do what I want when I want while exercising my creativity.  I want to continue to take a month every year to travel a new portion of the globe.

What is your photography pet peeve? My photography pet peeve is underestimating and undervaluing quality.  Anyone can take a picture but not everyone can take a good picture.  Don't skimp on photography. You pay for what you get.

What is your take on the "first look"? I think doing a first look is the only way to go.  I don't understand why people put so much energy into their wedding planning and then don't want to be apart of cocktail hour.  Doing pictures before hand lets  you enjoy your day and allows me to capture what is really happening.

What wedding "trend"--past or current--is your least favorite? Vanilla weddings are my least favorite.  There are no rules when it comes to planning a wedding so putting energy into personalizing your day lends to an unforgettable event.

Describe your dream wedding. To be honest I have never dreamt about my own wedding.  I think when I choose to marry I will want to go far away with the people we love.

Where is your favorite place to shoot? My favorite place to shoot....really anywhere.  I think its the people that make the experience good or bad.  You could put me in an dumpster and I could shoot something interesting.  It's all how you see things.

Name 3 things you cannot live without in life. 3 things I can't live without--family, friends and my camera.

Name 3 things your business cannot live without. 3 things my business can't live without--my camera, my vision and my iphone.

Favorites: - drink Boont Amber Ale - TV show don't watch too much tv but when I do, I love me some Law & Order - song Bob Marley-Guava Jelly (this train) Acoustic - guilty pleasure drinking beer - game Scopa - book the words of E.E. Cummings - flower Bird of Paradise - blog(s) {aside from Jomygoodness, of course!}NY Times Photojournalism, The F Stop, PhotoShelter, Apartment Therapy, Flak Photo

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