Martha says... Party Planning Guide

Although I've been absent, my obsession with Martha Stewart continues.  Seriously, she's my hero.  I'm a firm believer that everyone has something to offer, and despite how much of an expert you are at one thing (or many), you can always learn something from someone else... who knows?  It could be easier, more efficient, less costly... better.  Anyway, here is Martha's Party Planning Guide.  You party planners out there may roll your eyes & tell yourselves "I know this already," and you novice planners may think it's the best thing ever.  All I know is there's no harm in seeing how Martha does it, and adding to it, if you need to.

1: Establish the Basics; 2: The Date; 3: The Guest List; 4: Location; 5: Cocktails or Dinner?; 6: Your Budget; 7: Music & Entertainment; 8: Putting It All Together; 9: The Checklist