Rasta Inspired

Very much inspired by the rasta color palette today.  I think the color combo makes me excited for summer even more though.  Whether it's Bob Marley's "One Love" message, his calming & inspiring music, or the just the style that embodies "rasta," I'm digging it... or as my son would say "I'm down on that" instead of "I'm down for that." P.S. My son is turning eight this summer, and he wants a rasta-themed birthday party.  Eight!?  We had a UFC/MMA party for him last year {remember the fight poster invitations I made for him?}  Well, this birthday is going to be jammin'.

{top: Bob Marley 'One Love' graphic by Jomygoodness; bottom: records decal graphic via InWeekly, rasta inspired makeup tutorial via Demree Nicole, 'one love' silicone bracelets via RastaRoots, rasta inspired slouchy beret via FaerieAvenue on etsy}