Recipe Book :: 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know

100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know was brought together by the editors of Glamour.  As a fan of the magazine, I was super excited to receive a free gallery copy of this cookbook.  Someone in my family may think that it's just another cookbook to add to my collection, but it's way more than that, my friends.  Yes, I do love all my cookbooks but don't get a chance to put the recipes to use as often as I should--or would like to--but this one truly rocks.  Why?  Well, here are 4 reasons:

  1. It gives you an idea of how difficult the recipe is off the bat, and guess how!? With a "stiletto key."  That's right, STILETTOS!  Love this idea!
  2. It's got pre-made menus so you're never scrambling when you all of a sudden have to throw a "You Landed Your Dream Job Champagne Brunch."  How awesome is that, right?
  3. It's got "Glamour Girl Tips."  Trust me, regardless of whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a pro, we all need some glamour girl tips... you know because sometimes we forget when we've got a million things going on.
  4. There are so many recipes, including some vegetarian dishes.  Oh yes.  I personally love meat, but the "Engagement Paella" sounds divine.

Well, I love it and I'm sure you will to... There are no excuses not to pick up this book, because it does, in fact, include 100 recipes every woman should know.

P.S. It's got some amazing cocktail recipes!!