How to Plan a Wedding :: Invitations & Paper

When I got engaged (finally), it seemed like everyone was expecting me to have my whole day was planned. I did. Sort of. Being an event coordinator myself withy share of weddings, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be tackling as many if the planning and to-do's myself, especially the paper. As a "paper person" who is obsessed with Pantone color swatches and typography, I even found myself confused as to pinning down the look of my paper style. Here are my three absolute to-do's in order to get the best paper style to suit your big day!!

[one] : GET INSPIRED!! Create a board on Pinterest strictly for paper goods. Selecting your paper style can be a nightmare and fairly overwhelming if you're like me and like EVERYTHING! Go to a design blog, wedding blog, or paper blog. At the end of the day, check out all the stationery that caught your eye. What do they all have in common? Is there a particular tone it sets for your big day? Would your fiancé agree? What typography is being used? Ask yourself what you like about them. If that's too difficult, ask yourself what you DON'T like about them. That can help too!

This will help you: 1) get an idea of whether you want "custom" stationery; and 2) help convey your "style" to your stationer (trust me, they'll be so grateful).

[two] : GET ORGANIZED!!! I created a blueprint of my invitation suite. Yes, a blueprint. Outlining the fonts, colors, and materials I would be using. This will be useful because it will allow you to organize your ideas AND get a clearer picture if what you're going to spend -- envelopes, ribbon and other embellishments, paper, printing!

[three] : KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! Yes, I know what you're thinking... this coming from someone who created a blueprint for her invitations? By "simple," I mean not to worry about it. No one will remember invitations or paper goods, unless they're designers, they are paper-obsessed, there is a misspelling, or you create something beyond magnificent that no one has ever seen! If your budget doesn't leave room for letterpressed or embossed stationery (I know mine doesn't!), cut corners, DIY, and you will find a way.