I'm engaged!

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So guess what!! I started this blog in 2008 to share my passion and love for --borderline obsession with-- weddings! Now it's time for planning my own wedding. It's funny because I've planned so many weddings and events without any worries or qualms, and now I get to plan my own.

I must say... My guy, or fiancĂ© did an AMAZING job planning the proposal!  He lied, schemed, and deceived me into thinking his best friend was receiving an award from work. After a huge fight with my BFF (who happens to be the girlfriend of his BFF) over dress selection (I can go into that later), I was  utterly surprised and completely overjoyed. I found myself a winner, and I am so in love.

Excuse the grammar, but HE DID GOOD! I'm in love with my ring, and I'm truly in love with him!

I'll keep everyone posted on the planning details!