DIY Custom Ceramic Dish

I am on this doodling stink right now. I originally wanted to share some ceramic dishes I created to hold jewelry and other doodads in the bathroom with arrows and tribal designs to match my bathroom decor, but I decided to go with some doodling instead. I couldn't come up with something catchy, so I decided to go with "blah blah blah."

So here are the super easy steps to creating this on your own.

Here are the necessary supplies you will need to complete the project:

I would highly recommend practicing whatever word you would like featured throughout over in over in different ways--cursive, print, caps, lowercase, serif, sans serif, formal, informal--practice a bunch of times.

STEP 1: Write whatever word you choose three times in gold sharpie in the center of the dish. Let it dry.

STEP 2: Add two strips of blue tape along the top and bottom on the outside of the dish (if the piece allows it), and create an even (or as even as possible) center section where you will write your word in various ways.

STEP 3: Doodle around the outside of the dish, mixing up your handwriting, and using the blue tape as your guide. I stuck with black along the outside for the most part, but that's completely up to you. Use various tips of black sharpie to help add some flair.

STEP 4: Add some texture or "shadow" lines along the gold writing on the inside of the dish with a thin black sharpie. Then repeat the word in various sizes (and styles, if you wish) around the words in gold. Mix it up to make it more fun.

STEP 5: Let your piece sit for a few hours before removing the blue tape. If you remove it too soon, it may smear your writing.

STEP 6: Touch up any writing on the outside. Let sit until dry.

STEP 7: *optional* Pop it in your oven and turn it to 350 degrees. Set your timer for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes are up, turn off your oven and let your piece sit in there and cool off.

You're all set. By the way, step 7 isn't absolutely necessary if you're not planning on "eating" from your piece. If you want it to just hold your rings or whatever random things you want to add to your vanity or nightstand, you'll be okay with not putting it in the oven. The heat just lets it set better.