DIY - Hanging Frames

If you're on Pinterest like I am [please follow Jomygoodness on Pinterest], you have probably seen your share of gallery-style walls of picture frames in every shape and size. Trust me, I've been a fan and have pinned quite a few myself. With that inspiration, I've been driving my husband crazy with the  need to hang stuff [everything] on my walls. At first, it was BAD. The poor walls in my new house had holes everywhere. Have you tried hanging shelves without brackets? Yikes! Anyway, to save my walls, my wallet and sanity [from having to fill in the bad holes], and my marriage [my poor husband just shakes his head and walks away], I had a dream of the perfect plan of action! Yes, I was dreaming about how to hang things on my wall. Exciting, huh? Well, here is the plan I've developed:

It's really simple. You can do it all by yourself. You will, however, have to plan it out and use the following tools:

Obviously, you will need the frames, nails and some math skills as well.

Step 1: Measure.

After picking your wall, measure out the space you plan on hanging your frames. In my case, I had three frames and the wall I chose is 66" wide and a little less than 60" from the top of the furniture I have placed in front of it. I knew I roughly wanted to keep it around 45" above the furniture, and knew that I wanted the frames centered [so the second middle of the 'center' frame would be at exactly 33"].

So after measuring the wall, measure your frames. Measure the width and height of the outer frame, and how far in the frame's hook is from the top and side of the frame. In my case, these frames from Target are about 15" wide and each has two hooks that measure 3" from the top of the frame and 6" apart.

Step 2: Do the math and draw it out.

I drew a big rectangle for the wall, marked how high I would want the top of the frame to be [at 45" -- so the hooks were at approximately 42" above the furniture]. I proceeded to draw the three smaller rectangles to represent the frames. As I said, I knew I wanted the center frame to be right in the middle, and I knew that 3" to the left of the midpoint and 3" to the right of the midpoint were hooks, so my first measured and planned holes for nails were consequently at 30" and 36" from the edge of the wall.

More math... I then realized that if I put the three frames side-by-side, it would take up 45". So I knew that I technically only had 21" of real estate when it came to spacing, with space being split into two sections (one being the wall on the outside of the frames, and the other being between the three frames). I finally decided on having 3" between the frames, so that left 7.5" on each side. That meant that the midpoint for the first frame would be at the 15" point, and the third frame would be at 51" -- each 18" from the centered midpoint.


33"midpoint of the center frame + 7.5"to get to the edge of the frame + 3"space between frames + 7.5"to get to the center of the next frame = 18"from midpoint to midpoint

So with the midpoints at 15", 33" and 51", I added and subtracted 3" from the midpoint to figure out the where to put the nails. That resulted in: 12", 18", 30", 36", 48" and 54". Ta-da!

Step 3: [Masking] Tape it!

I put masking tape along the wall so I know where to make my marks. Don't worry... this doesn't need to be straight.

Step 4: Mark it!

Mark a vertical line in pencil or Sharpie on the tape where your nails should be [12", 18", 30", etc.]

Step 5: Level it!

I like to use the laser leveler because it makes the "line" across the entire wall. You can adjust the tape in case you notice that the laser is not touching the tape. I place the leveler at the edge of the wall making sure that "line" is around the 42" mark on my wall. Then, I draw a dash wherever the laser intersected the vertical lines I marked on the tape.

Step 6: Nail it!

I like to poke the nail through the masking point at each intersection before removing the tape or hammering in my nails. I poke through the masking tape enough to make a small yet barely noticeable cavity into the wall. I remove the masking tape enough to clear the space then hammer away. Move your way down the tape.

Hang your frames and there you go! Congratulations!!