Inspiration :: Workstation

I have a board on Pinterest titled Workstation. So here's a little compilation of some workstation pinspiration. Your workstation should inspire you to be productive without distracting you from accomplishing your daily goals. Too many gadgets or shiny objects may not be ideal for those who have a hard time focusing. Check out what inspires me.

1: Lighting hardware: it's important to have a cool lamp or awesome lighting. And if the bulb is shaped like a diamond, that's awesome! [photo credit: fashion squad]

2: Natural Lighting: Not only is it necessary to have a beautiful view, t's healthy to get natural light. Studies show that you feel more energized and focused when exposed to natural light while you work. [photo credit: unfinished home]

3: Makeshift Calendar & Books: With everything digital these days, it's fun to have an old school, but not so typical calendar on your desk that you have to manually update daily. It reminds you what the day is and helps you start the day forward thinking. [photo credit: the everygirl]

4: Headphones: Sometimes you need to be in the zone, so headphones are essential. If you work with other people in your area and are courteous enough to not be a distraction to them, headphones are key. P.S. It's also a way to rock out without creating ruckus among those you work with. [photo credit: trendenser]

5: Large screen: It's good to see things big & in your face--whether it's a huge computer monitor/screen or bringing it back to the old school way of getting large sheets of butcher paper and diagramming things out. Big is better! [photo credit:]

6: Flowers or fragrant decor: A desk with nothing but office supplies and gadgets are uninspiring. Add some fun and simple decor to spice it up. I have Hello Kitty stuffed animals that my husband and son have given me.  [photo credit:]

7: Space to collaborate: Nobody likes to live in a shoebox, and unfortunately, we all don't have the luxury of having hundreds of square footage for a desk. It is, however, important to have space to collaborate with others. It's good to be able to clear your desk sometimes and hash out details with your colleagues. [photo credit: apartment 34]

8: Inspiration Board: Have reminders of why you work so hard surrounding you or above your space. It's perfect for times you feel uninspired and tend to zone off and ask yourself "what am I doing?" or "what now?" Seeing some inspiring graphics, quotes, or photos can get you back on task and guide you to answers and productivity. [photo credit: stilinspriation]

What about your workstation is inspiring?