My very own Christmas list for 2014

This is such a busy time of year. Between the regular day-to-day stuff for work and home to kids' school holiday parties and work holiday parties to holiday shopping, I find myself planning for days of crafting to decorate gifts and decorate the house. I also have THREE special days within FOUR days of each other. There's my wedding anniversary (second one this year) on the 21st, birthday on the 24th and Christmas the next day! My poor husband has a tough job trying to fulfill all my wishes, so I am helping him out with this list:

1: Ruffled Apron; 2: Michael Kors Laptop Sleeve; 3: Wacom Pro Pen & Touch Tablet; 4: Pyrite Shadow Box; 5: Calligraphy Kit; 6: Wood Carving Kit; 7: Lightning Bolt Pendant; 8: Lightbox

Happy Anniversary to me! Happy Birthday to me! Merry Christmas to me!