Nate Burkus My Desk

I'm a huge office supply junkie. I think I'm an even bigger Nate Berkus fan. I may already have these Nate Berkus supplies for my work desk, but I still find myself stopping in the aisle to look at these items. These are the essentials. What are your desk essentials?

Find all these supplies at Target. /1/ Nate Berkus Stapler; /2/ Nate Berkus 12ct File Folders; /3/ Nate Berkus Gold Shears; /4/ Push Pins; /5/ Nate Berkus 5ct Mega Clips; /6/ Nate Berkus Canvas Magazine Box

Even though this isn't in the "office supply section" I'm really digging this Nate Berkus vase, which I think I would use as a pencil/pen holder on my desk. What do you think? I think it could do.