New Year Means New Sheets

You've heard about that saying/tradition about the new year means brand new sheets, right? Probably not, because I'm totally making it up and hoping it actually takes off. Ha! Although you should be washing/replacing your sheets once a week,  I think the new year should bring a new set of sheets because nothing beats a nicely made bed with never been used sheets! Don't you love how new sheets not only change the look of your bedroom, but makes your bed (no matter how old it is) look so inviting and cozy? OMG! So here is some inspiring new sheets that are part of Donna Karan Home Collections and DKNY Bedding. Love!

Aren't they so pretty? They look so luscious. It makes me wish I could stay in bed all day! The ones above are from the Donna Karan Home Collection - Spring 2015, and the ones below are from the DKNY Bedding Spring 2015 Collection. Are you in love yet?

And the pillows? Oh. Em. Gee! I'm dying. It's such a pain taking the pillows off before you go to bed and then putting them on when you're making the bed, but it totally makes your bed look so sophisticated. There are so many options too! Which is your favorite?