Decorating Your Entryway Table

I have done my research on what makes a stylish entryway table. There are six factors that are constant when it comes to a well-styled table. I've shared some entryway table inspiration from some of my favorite furniture places, and shared my own entryway table work-in-progress. Here's a link of some of my favorite entryway table on Pinterest.

Aside from an actual table, you need the following six things.

1) Mirror - any size will do. I love mirrors, and I actually hung my mirror before I bought the table (hence it being a tad too high from my current table). The mirror will help make the space brighter and larger. I personally use it as a spot check before I walk out the door.

2) Lighting - most spaces have an actual lamp. Because I already have lighting directly above the space, I didn't want to go overboard with another lamp. Plus, I have a one-year-old who I'm sure will knock it over and make me cry, so I have the next best thing -- candles! Plus, these candles are actual candle holders from Z Gallerie. Aren't they pretty? They add that rustic look because they're not on a tray, and are super elegant when lit.

3) Life - fresh flowers are the best if you have the time and budget to change them out. Otherwise, put a pretty low-maintenance plant. I'm not a green thumb by any means, and I can kill succulents if I get my hands on them, but fresh flowers that I know I will change out regularly allow me to accommodate to my current mood. (Plus, it gets my husband in the habit of bringing me fresh flowers on a weekly basis without having to spend a lot of money of fancy bouquets from the florist).

4) Organization - this is the catchall. I prefer to keep it empty in case guests come and need a place to drop their keys. I avoid dumping my mail in it when I get home because it may never leave. But a cute tray, fun dish, or this Sequoia Plate from Z Gallerie (again!) will help any space. What's awesome with my table is the lower wood panel, which I can stack some books/magazines, some baskets for blankets and other random things I want to keep together, or other decorative elements.

5) Something personal - photographs are my go-to. If you have a family heirloom that you want on display, this is the perfect place, or a special drawing by your little one can do too.

6) Statement piece - I always consider this the piece that belongs but doesn't quite look like everything else. It's the piece that people will notice but not wonder what the heck it's doing there. Typically, this is the first piece you get and everything else works around it. I worked backwards because my husband is so picky on what he would like displayed in the house (you know that balance between feminine and masculine, modern and rustic). I chose a piece that I could easily relocate to another part of my house. I'm practical like that. I'm kind of leaning towards a skull. Remember skull inspiration post?

What's on your entryway table?