Entryway Table Inspiration

So I'm looking for the perfect table for my entryway. It's so challenging because I don't have a lot of room when you enter my house. The kitchen is to the right, the door to the guest bathroom is to the left, and there's a short walkway that leads straight into a closet. I think a bench may be too deep for me to along the wall leading into my home, so I'm opting for a small entryway table instead. I just need to make sure I don't clutter it up with lots of stuff. Otherwise, the space will look smaller. Here are some tables I was looking at:

Number one is the Sophie mirrored console table from Z Gallerie. I love it. It's so feminine and chic. Unfortunately, it doesn't go with anything else in my house. You would think it were in another time zone from my living room, which is adjacent to the area.

Number two is the Parsons Console Table from Crate & Barrel. It's just enough modern to go with the style of the rest of my furniture, but not too modern where it goes with my white painted exposed beams.

Number three is the Threshold Mixed Material 2-Drawer Console Table in Patchwork from Target. I like the simplicity of this table, and the fact that it seems small enough to fit the space perfectly.

Number three is the Norden Sideboard table from Ikea. I'm really digging this one too. It may be too bulky, but it's the type of table that is universal for any room--even the bathroom.

Lastly, number five is the mini white console table from CB2. CB2 is seriously becoming one of my faves.

There are so many to choose from. I can't decide. I'll probably go with one of the last three because budget is an issue, and my husband isn't completely sold on the idea of having a table in our entryway.