Inspiration :: Crosses

I started working as an event director at a private school in Orange County, and I love it. As a survivor (and thriver) of an all-girls, Catholic high school education, I have an appreciation for a private-school education. I say appreciation because I have sadly been distant from my religion, but have a love for the symbolism in the church and the artful way people have chosen to express their passion for their religion through artwork, etc. Anyway, I used to wear a cross necklace every day growing up. I rarely wear any kind of jewelry nowadays, and it's been YEARS since I've worn a cross. Lately, though, I have had a desire to start wearing a cross necklace, so I told my husband that I wanted one. He was sweet enough to give me one for Mother's Day (he's a sweet guy, I have to tell you).


These are some beautiful cross pieces I've found that make my heart sing. I am in love with the necklace he gave me -- number one! It's simple and so cute, and I love that if I'm in the mood to wear another piece of jewelry, I can easily keep this one on because it doesn't droop too low and rest right below my collar bone. It's subtle and not to chunky.

1 :: Diamond Cross Necklace from Jared

2 :: Lois Hill Cross Necklace with Onyx Beads & Sterling Silver from Jared

3 :: 'Cross-Over' Cuff from Nordstrom

4 :: Bourbon and Boweties Howlite Cross Bangle from Nordstrom

5 :: Meira T Yellow Gold Cross Ring from Bloomingdales

6 :: Eli Jewels Aegean Diamond Round Cross Pendant Necklace from Neiman Marcus

7 :: Sydney Evan Tiny Cross Stud Earrings with Hanging Cross from Neiman Marcus

8 :: Alex and Ani Precious Metals Symbolic Cross Expandable Wire Ring from Bloomingdales