Knobs + Pulls Inspiration

Yesterday I posted about how I want to Kate Spade my kitchen & dinnerware. In keeping with my urge to renovate my kitchen (without actually spending any money), I thought I would share some knobs and pulls I'm fancying at the moment. I can't say it's the most inexpensive way to update your kitchen -- because some knobs can get kind of pricey -- but it does help you change things up in your kitchen without a complete overhaul.

Fortunately for us, the company that flipped our house before we bought it installed brand new cabinets. The downside to that is, they installed these standard (inexpensive) knobs that "will do," but there's nothing special about them. I get it though. Not everyone who looked at the house would raise a stink about kitchen cabinet knobs, but having been in the house for a year now, I'm getting that itch to change it up a little and add something different to the kitchen before we renovate it (in the very, very, very far future!). These are some knobs and pulls I like: