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Style: Under the Sea Mermaid

Baby SpacesJomylene Ruiz

If I had a baby girl, I know exactly how I would decorate her room. With my obsession with Ariel, and my love for the color palette that includes pinks, aquas and neutrals, this is it!
Before I go any further, though, let me get something clear -- I am not pregnant.

The inspiration of coral, the ocean, seashells, fantasy of mermaids, here is my inspiration board.

Knobs + Pulls Inspiration

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Yesterday I posted about how I want to Kate Spade my kitchen & dinnerware. In keeping with my urge to renovate my kitchen (without actually spending any money), I thought I would share some knobs and pulls I'm fancying at the moment. I can't say it's the most inexpensive way to update your kitchen -- because some knobs can get kind of pricey -- but it does help you change things up in your kitchen without a complete overhaul.

Fortunately for us, the company that flipped our house before we bought it installed brand new cabinets. The downside to that is, they installed these standard (inexpensive) knobs that "will do," but there's nothing special about them. I get it though. Not everyone who looked at the house would raise a stink about kitchen cabinet knobs, but having been in the house for a year now, I'm getting that itch to change it up a little and add something different to the kitchen before we renovate it (in the very, very, very far future!). These are some knobs and pulls I like:

Knobs & Pulls Inspiration from Jomygoodness
Knobs & Pulls Inspiration from Jomygoodness

Kate Spade Kitchen & Dinnerware

For the House, Inspiration, Pretty ThingsJomylene Ruiz
Kate Spade Kitchen & Dinnerware
Kate Spade Kitchen & Dinnerware

I'm in the mood for getting new kitchen and dinnerware. To save my husband some grief in me spending the money right now, I figured I would start "shopping" and hinting at the items I'm really digging at the moment. Will I still want these items six months from now? Next year? Only time will tell, but with all the news and hubbub over Kate Spade expanding to baby, fitness and home goods, I am swooning over these Kate Spade kitchen & dinnerware items. I think they're timeless pieces I will still be in love with next year, so my fingers are crossed that I get my hands on these goodies! 1: kate spade new york Polka Dot Apron via Bed, Bath & Beyond; 2: kate spade new york Pierrepont Place 2-Piece Serving Set via Bloomingdale's; 3: kate spade new york Long Wharf Drive Table Linens via Bloomingdale's; 4: kate spade new york Mercer Drive Platinum Collection via Macy's; 5: kate spade new york Grace Avenue Collection via Macy's; 6: kate spade new york Pierrepont Place Metal Bowl via Bed, Bath & Beyond; 7: kate spade new york Library Stripe Glassware via Bloomingdale's; 8: kate spade 'library stripe' decanter via Nordstrom

I love that the Mercer Drive Platinum Collection dishware have a variety of colors (very kate spade-esque) without being too flashy. It's still very feminine without being something my husband would hate. I cannot wait until the baby and home good collections are released later this fall!

Camp Theme Nursery Inspiration

Baby Spaces, Inspiration, Pretty PlacesJomylene Ruiz

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, or if it's just been a very long time for this to be on my "blog about one day" list, but I had a camping theme baby shower when I was pregnant with my baby, Dominic. I made a cute sign that says "Camp Dominic" and some other crafty items to go with the theme (I hope to post pictures up to share soon!). Anyway, here's the long story short - my husband is called "Raccoon" in Portuguese when he does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so we kind have always figured Dominic would be "Baby Raccoon." He has a number of raccoon-esque items in his room -- from a pillow to stuffed animals. His sheets & curtains are either gray chevron or gray stripes. Because it can't be all raccoon items, we have sort of gone with a woodland, "camp" theme, where we've incorporated bears, deer, foxes, and owls to the decor.

Camp Theme Nursery Inspiration
Camp Theme Nursery Inspiration

There are so many ways you can go with a camp theme, but here are my favorite items.

1: Paper Mache Mobile (Camp Theme) from Land of Nod; 2: Log Throw Pillow from Land of Nod; 3: Trend Lab's Northwood's Buffalo Check Lampshade via Target; 4: Fox Canvas Bin by 3 Sprouts via The Container Store (raccoon, bird and elephant version too); 5: Circo Ceramic Table Lamp & Shade - Owl via Target; 6: A Tee Pee to Call Your Own (Cargo) from Land of Nod; 7: Animal Pillow (Raccoon) via H&M; 8: Bear Shaped Rug from Pottery Barns Kids

P.S. The cute items I must add to this are the alphabet canvases that were made by family and friends who attended the baby shower. As part of the "Arts & Crafts" portion of "Camp Dominic" we had family and friends write a different letter of the alphabet to the canvas -- so we have the entire alphabet in different styles from block letters to cursive -- it is so cute! See below. Also - don't judge me for the letters "V" and "U" being switched around -- or the fact that our alphabet is also missing the letter "K" (somebody didn't realize the weren't supposed to pick whatever letter they wanted).

When the hubby is away fishing, wifey gets some home projects done! Finally hung the alphabet canvas from #TheDomJuan baby shower last December. And yes, there is a "G" instead of a "K" because someone didn't follow directions. #lacasaruiz

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