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Downloadable Print - I Want To Be Inspired

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I'm always in search of some good inspiration, which "inspired" an Instagram post, which eventually this print. It features the word "inspired" handwritten by moi, and the text "I want to be" in a modern sans serif font. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... write it down to make it happen. 

You can download the print from the shop. It's available here: 'I Want To Be Inspired' print by Jomygoodness

Friday Freebie :: Good Vibes Only

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We all need good vibes. In keeping up with last week's "Stay Positive" inspiration, I figured I'd keep up the good energy with this "good vibes only" print.

It's a faux gold foil print with custom lettering on a hand drawn black stripe background. It's perfect for your desk or to hang on your wall. It's actually a 4x4 in. print... something different!

Freebie Friday :: Stay Positive Print

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We can all use some positive energy, so why not have a reminder on your desk with this super chic and modern print?

The black "+" in the background and faux gold custom lettered (by moi) words saying "stay positive" is the perfect saying to keep you motivated throughout the day. Prove to your friends and your coworkers that you're not a Debbie Downer, and make it a great day. This print should help!

DOWNLOAD the “Stay Positive” print by Jomygoodness for free today!

Kindly share your version of the print with the hashtag #jomgprints and kindly tag @jomygoodness! Can’t wait to see how you frame it and where you place it!

And the BEST Holiday Card of 2014 Goes To...

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As you know, I love the Holidays. The food, the decoration, the gift giving AND the holiday cards. For me, anyone can buy their season's greetings at the store. I, however, decided we would not only have custom cards designed by yours truly but actually have them printed and sent out. Here are some of the best celebrity holiday cards, shared by E! Online.

You know how much we love Duck Dynasty!

the Kardashians & Jenners in 2013

So these are all fine and dandy, and I may be a little bias, but I think the 2014 Holiday Card winner is my family's! Wouldn't you agree?

Random Digging :: Fonts

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So, every now and again -- more like once a month -- I explore fonts because I find typography so inspiring, for design and my handwriting. Anyway, here are THREE fonts I am totally digging right now. Random, I know.

So LHF Encore is a cool font, where it combines the formality of a serif font with some whimsical flourishes with the swirls and textures. Totally digging this.

Art Party is awesome because it totally looks like a party font! It's like when you want to create your party invitation with your own handwriting and make it fancy, just 10 times nicer!

Then, there's Silhouette font by Anastasia Dimitriadi. More whimsical than LHF Encore, but perfect, I think for any chalkboard-inspired design pieces.