Off the Shoulder Inspiration

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The idea of working from home is so thrilling sometimes, but it's not for everyone. I fortunately have the luxury of working from home one day a week, which is my choice because I would much rather go into an office than work from home. I feel more productive in an environment outside where I live. Plus, I don't feel the pressure of doing everything while I'm trying to work (take care of the kids, entertain the toddler by watching cartoons, cooking dinner, doing the laundry, cleaning up spills, changing diapers, and did I mention do my actual job that pays me an actual check?).

Don't get me wrong, I love my Thursdays when I work from home because I get up, drop #1 off at school and take #2 to speech therapy with #3  in tow, (try to) take calls, return emails, and then get home and work. It's awesome because I wear yoga pants and a top knot (although I confess I have a top knot almost every day, even at my job). But they say to be the most productive, you need to be dressed for the job you want -- whether you're at the office or at home. It's true. So maybe I secretly would love to work from home so I could wear one of these tops without feeling guilty because I wouldn't consider it 100% workplace appropriate (depending on where you work).

Exposed shoulders are so carefree. Maybe a nice blazer could hide it and make it work appropriate? Summer is coming and I think it would make it an easier transition from office to beach. Am I right?

Jomygoodness Rebranding

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In my last post, I shared the reasons behind the rebirth of Jomygoodness. With my current fascination with self-help books, I realized that I have always shared inspiration for different things -- weddings, living room decor, nurseries -- but never for my brand. <--BIG MISTAKE!!

How could that be? How could I skip such a crucial step? Because it IS crucial to do this, to avoid changing my branding and style every other month. So I put together a little inspiration board that I think best reflects my style, personality, design aesthetic... which I hope to use in branding Jomygoodness. 


How do you like it? Here is some explanation of my selections and my style. I consider my style: feminine (hence, the blush/pink color and flowers), classic + timeless (lots of black & white, clean lines, formal calligraphy with plenty of flourishes), and a bit carefree + fun (shades of seafoam/aloha blue, top knots and informal brush calligraphy). If "modern traditional" was a style, that would be how I would describe it.

I love typography & fonts! I really do. So, selecting the fonts that "best" represent my style + brand was a bit of a challenge. I limited it to Saveur Sans as my sans serif font because I love how modern and clean it is; Bellevue was my pick to add some sophistication and formality to the whole thing; my own handwriting (even though it's not technically a font) because it makes it more personal and adds the informality (again, top knots!) to my brand. 

Inspiration :: Crosses

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I started working as an event director at a private school in Orange County, and I love it. As a survivor (and thriver) of an all-girls, Catholic high school education, I have an appreciation for a private-school education. I say appreciation because I have sadly been distant from my religion, but have a love for the symbolism in the church and the artful way people have chosen to express their passion for their religion through artwork, etc. Anyway, I used to wear a cross necklace every day growing up. I rarely wear any kind of jewelry nowadays, and it's been YEARS since I've worn a cross. Lately, though, I have had a desire to start wearing a cross necklace, so I told my husband that I wanted one. He was sweet enough to give me one for Mother's Day (he's a sweet guy, I have to tell you).


These are some beautiful cross pieces I've found that make my heart sing. I am in love with the necklace he gave me -- number one! It's simple and so cute, and I love that if I'm in the mood to wear another piece of jewelry, I can easily keep this one on because it doesn't droop too low and rest right below my collar bone. It's subtle and not to chunky.

1 :: Diamond Cross Necklace from Jared

2 :: Lois Hill Cross Necklace with Onyx Beads & Sterling Silver from Jared

3 :: 'Cross-Over' Cuff from Nordstrom

4 :: Bourbon and Boweties Howlite Cross Bangle from Nordstrom

5 :: Meira T Yellow Gold Cross Ring from Bloomingdales

6 :: Eli Jewels Aegean Diamond Round Cross Pendant Necklace from Neiman Marcus

7 :: Sydney Evan Tiny Cross Stud Earrings with Hanging Cross from Neiman Marcus

8 :: Alex and Ani Precious Metals Symbolic Cross Expandable Wire Ring from Bloomingdales

JOMG Wishlist Part 2

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Hello. I've been busy buying gifts for family and friends, putting up my tree and crafting away. I also have been putting together my wishlist part 2. Yes, part 2! Remember, part 1? With my wedding anniversary, birthday and Christmas all within 4 days of each other, I give my husband options! I think I'm all of these -- trendy socializer, star watcher, techie mom. As a working mom who loves pretty things, all of these would be awesome in my Christmas stocking.

Simple Accessorizer - Hearts Align Neckace in Silver Night by Isabelle Grace Jewelry. Techie Mom - kate spade new york raccoon iPhone 5/5s case from Nordstrom. Glam Ladies - Allure Anniversary/Baby Band from Sandra Biachi Fine Jewelry. Fancy Workaholic - kate spade new york 'daveney' laptop bag from Nordstrom. Trendy socializer - Tory Burch 'Kerrington' Smartphone Wristlet from Nordstrom. Star Watchers - Zodiac Ring, Capricorn in Silver by Scosha.

They're all affordable. And isn't it funny that it's all color coordinated? LOVE! What's on your holiday gift list?

My very own Christmas list for 2014

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This is such a busy time of year. Between the regular day-to-day stuff for work and home to kids' school holiday parties and work holiday parties to holiday shopping, I find myself planning for days of crafting to decorate gifts and decorate the house. I also have THREE special days within FOUR days of each other. There's my wedding anniversary (second one this year) on the 21st, birthday on the 24th and Christmas the next day! My poor husband has a tough job trying to fulfill all my wishes, so I am helping him out with this list:

1: Ruffled Apron; 2: Michael Kors Laptop Sleeve; 3: Wacom Pro Pen & Touch Tablet; 4: Pyrite Shadow Box; 5: Calligraphy Kit; 6: Wood Carving Kit; 7: Lightning Bolt Pendant; 8: Lightbox

Happy Anniversary to me! Happy Birthday to me! Merry Christmas to me!

Polish My Nails

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Well, 'tis the season -- almost -- for shiny nail polish for the holidays. I actually prefer classic nail looks, but once in a while get blown away by the creative nail art on Pinterest. I mean, really. From the classic French manicure and different shades of NUDE to matte and glossy black! [J]OMG! I thought I would share some awesome "silvery" polishes around. So polish my nails SILVER for now, and everything should be alright!