'#girlboss' vinyl decal

'#girlboss' vinyl decal


Handlettered by Jomygoodness the "#girlboss" vinyl decal is the best reminder for all females who take care of business. 

This piece measures at approximately 3.5in wide by 1.5in tall. Perfect for your wall, laptop, phone tablet... or any place you see throughout the day!

Instructions for best practices in applying to surface included.

Customized vinyl decals available. Please inquire via email at shop@jomygoodness.com or browse through the selections in the store.

Vinyl decals serve as semi-permanent indoor use. *Removable, but not reusable.* Not suitable for all surfaces, but preferable for clean flat surfaces. Not recommended for the following: textured wall or surface, peeling or damaged paint, high gloss or semi gloss paint, glaze or other special finishes, or paneling.
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